Motivational Speaking

Since 2009, Sam’s motivational presentations have inspired and broadened the minds of people of all ages across three continents (Europe, Africa and Australia) as he reflects on his life’s journey, his family, the Sierra Leone civil war and his life in sport around the world as a touring tennis coach.

Throughout his life he has endured countless adversities and survived all of them. He concludes, in his own words, that surviving life’s challenges can or should make you a stronger and more determined person and that if you plough through certain tough hardships you can be bound for something greater in the future, if you continue to put in hard work with determination. He believes you must not be afraid of your struggles but try to remain positive and resolute in the face of your challenges because they can be opportunities to better yourself for the next stage of the journey ahead of you.

Sam has delivered numerous presentations for schools, sporting academies, colleges, businesses and communities. He aims to inspire others not to give up on their dreams, particularly when adversity knocks on their door. Through his passionate, motivational speaking, he strives to positively influence his audience to work harder and smarter towards what they solely desire to be or want to achieve. After all, if Sam had given up on his dreams, he wouldn’t be here today to tell his story and encourage others to continue to reach for their goals.

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